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Dave Spadaro – Philadelphia Eagles’ Loyalist and Impresario of Sycophantocracy

Posted in Uncategorized by phillymediasports on September 28, 2009

We all know about Spadaro, Eagles’ apologist and propagandist.  We all know about Spadaro, Eagles’ magic elixir salesman.  We all know about Spadaro, Eagles’ tent revivalist. We all know about Spadaro, weepy Eagles’ grubber.  We all know about Spadaro, clumsy Eagles’ deconstructionist.  But now we know something new about Spadaro:  He’s off his ever lovin’ rocker.

Apparently, for all this time, Spadaro has been a resident of Tweedledeeland, parked in a cul de sac of his own warped inter-planetary hallucinations.  Listen to this.  Today, on WIP, if I heard it right, Spadaro revealed for the first time that he is promoting a change to the Wildcat formation, popularized last year by the Miami Dolphins and adopted and taken to new extremes by Andy Reid this season.  Spadaro, in sophistic fealty to Reid, wants to rename the Wildcat as the EAGLE or EAGLECAT.

Dear Lord.  Spadaro has finally succumbed to the ooze of his syrupy mind.  Still, every crazed idea presents an opportunity to belittle the architect.  And this is such a delectable opportunity.  Therefore, in recognition of Spadaro’s ode to absurdity, let me take the EAGLECAT to its (ill) logical conclusion.  From this time forth, let the following football fouls be known thusly:

from false start to false Eagle

from offensive interference to offensive Eagle

from unnecessary roughness to unnecessary Eagle

from delay of game to delay of Eagle

from grasping a face mask to grasping an Eagle

from illegal forward pass to illegal forward Eagle

from illegal use of hands to illegal use of Eagle

and best for last –

from illegal formation to illegal Eagle.

Talk about the quintessential illegal Eagle.  Oh my dear Spadaro, thank you for the EAGLECAT.  Al Michals, are you listening?


Philadelphia Eagles – 2009: Pro’s and Con’s

Posted in Uncategorized by phillymediasports on August 20, 2009

I have just completed an in-depth evaluation of the pros and cons of this year’s Philadelphia Eagles team.  I have considered the 53 man roster in all aspects, from every conceivable angle.  I have consulted with experts across the country (and in Canada), and my conclusion is as follows:  pros = 52.  cons = 1.