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A Phantom, Real Life, Let’s Pretend Interview with Chase Utley or An Ode to Utley or Ima Love da UT!

Posted in Uncategorized by phillymediasports on November 3, 2009

This is a transcript of a real life, not really, I’m pretending, but coulda been true, interview with Chase Utley.  The interviewer writes a blog named, “PhillyMediaSports”, and is known far but not so wide as “JJ.”

JJ –  Tell me, Chase, about the amazing four home run game you just had.

CU – I’d like to thank the Marucci Bat Company for the work they did in making the bats to specifications.  Without them, it wouldn’t have been possible.

JJ – Yeah, but Chase, you’re the one that hit the ball.

CU – That’s something that came about  because of the great job our BP pitcher did today.  He was grooving nothing but strikes.

JJ – Seriously, aren’t you gonna take credit for this amazing accomplishment?

CU – It’s a team game, and with Ryan Howard hitting behind me in the clean up spot, it makes the pitchers throw more fastballs to whoever is hitting ahead of him.

JJ – Well, Chase, all four homers landed in exactly the same section in the right field bleachers.  You must have been totally locked-in.

CU – I have to thank Milt and Chuck for all the help they give me.

JJ – Let’s switch to another topic.  You recently had a few games where you made some bad throws.  Some people thought you were about to get “Steve Sax Disease,” but you seem to be on target now.

CU – I don’t think I ever had any problem throwing the ball, but if I had, Sam Perlozzo would have done a fine job helping me out.

JJ – You’ve put together some amazing numbers, and if you continue at the present pace, you could wind up in the Hall of Fame.

CU – That’s something I don’t think about. We’re just playing one game at a time and trying our best to win every day.

JJ – But surely you’re aware of the incredible success you’ve had.

CU – We are only interested in team success and in winning ball games. As long as Jimmy and Shane keep getting on base, RBI opportunities are gonna be there for Ryan, Jayson and Raul. I just do my best to try to contribute.

JJ – Well, Chase, thanks so much for taking time to give me this interview. It was a pleasure.

CU – Oh, don’t thank me.  You’re the one who came up with the questions.

JJ – How true.  I was terrific.

(more to follow)