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Buy Brad Lidge: 50% Off His Regular Price

Posted in Uncategorized by phillymediasports on October 1, 2009

lidge shirt 50% offI went to Modell’s this morning to buy the Phillies Division Championship hat, which, by the way, is quite coolio. While I was waiting to pay, I saw three Phillies jerseys for sale on the wall behind the cashier:  Ibanez, Lidge and Werth.  The Ibanez and Werth jerseys were full price.  However, there were multiple yellow tags adorning the Lidge jersey, which, upon closer review, indicated it was available at 50% off.

That 50% off price is actually a fine bargain.  Consider that Lidge has blown 11 out of 42 save opportunities so far in the 2009 season.  That’s a blown save rate of 26%.  So, when you figure that his shirt sells for 50% off, that’s an almost double savings compared with his blown save ratio.  Just another example of Modell’s watching out for the fan.