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Raul Ibanez: A Torn Abdomen. Who Knew? Certainly Not Philly’s Sportswriters

Posted in Uncategorized by phillymediasports on October 25, 2009

Did you see this week’s Sports Illustrated piece on Raul Ibanez?  Seems he has a tear in his abdomen.  I wonder how he can play through the pain?  I wonder even more why our hometown Knights of the Keyboards (Ted Williams’ famous derogatory slur aimed at Boston’s beat writers) couldn’t uncover this information?  The gulf between Ibanez’ pre and post injury production is obvious and we all figured something was wrong, but who really knew? No one told us. This isn’t just a lapse in coverage, this isn’t just a blunder, mistake or omission, this is a major failure to uncover critical information that even a grade B group of writers should have reported. This casts serious doubt on the quality of sports reporting in our town. Apparently, we have a championship baseball team and a bush league group of sportswriters. Bad work, boyz, bad work.

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